Diploma in Permanent Make-up - Additional Units

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  • Accredited Course

  • Pre-Study

  • Live Demo & Models

  • 1 Day Hands on Training

  • Small Groups 1-2-1 or 2-2-1


Pre-requisites for Additional Units are a basic certifiate in either Microbalding or Machine method.

For example, these courses are great for a Microblader wanting to convert to machine Powder Eyebrows.  Or an Eyebrow artist wanting to add on Lips!

Schedule of learning:


In this course you will learn the area you wish to add on:


Eyebrows - Hairstrokes or Powder

Eyebrows - Microblading

Eyes - Eyeliner & Lash Enhancement

Lips - Lip Blush - Full Lips


There will be pre-study and pre-practice required of you before you attend the in-house training.


The in-house training is a 1 day course where you will learn your chosen area.


Each day will have an element of theory, with an online learning platform for your written sections.

The course will start at 10am and finish around 5:30

Lunch & Refreshments will be provided

You will watch live demonstrations and also have the opportunity to work on live models*. 

Once you have completed your 1 day in-house training you will be required to carry out 'Practice Work' on fake skins and also complete a number of case studies. 

In this 2 day course your will not be required to attend an assessment session, unless the trainer request you do this for further support. 

Start your career in Permanent Make-up today and become an artist in facial cosmetic tattooing.

The main questions asked is what is the difference between ' Microblading' and 'Permanent Make-up'?

The difference is the method of how the pigment/ink is implanted into the skin...

Microbalding is a manual method of dragging tiny needles over the skin. Often likened to paper cuts, very shallow and should be when completed correctly a very minimal trauma treatment.

Permanent Make-up is a electric fed pen with cartridges or needles, where pigment/ink is implanted into the skin in a back and forward motion.  Likened to a sewing machine. 

Both methods can create Eyebrow Tattoo's in Hairstrokes or Powder/Shading

What is the difference in the courses?

ABT is a recognised accreditation company who also offer insurance for treatments.  Each course accredited with ABT has gone through their strict assessment protocols, meaning all courses we deliver will ensure 'you' the student will learning all the correct learning outcomes.  

Level 4 is a recognised advanced course whereby you will be required to complete additional learning tasks to ensure you have fully understood and have an in-depth knowledge about all areas of the course.  The level 4 is similar to the number referred to in Beauty Level 2 for example.  Certain councils and boroughs will ask of a Level 4 Qualification before they issue you with a Licence to tattoo, meaning this is a legal requirement for many students.  Check with your local council.  

In the not too distant future all areas of the UK will require all Microbladers and Permanent make-up artists are trained to level 4. 

Kits are NOT supplied for this course. 


 Additional Units course will require you to bring a machine with you. 

Please ask if you are wanting to purchase a machine before your course. 

PSL - Preferred Supplier List

You will also get access to our preferred suppliers... giving you the opportunity to source consumables from different places for better value.

Your trainer will be Kally Moorhouse, a leading artist in her field with over 14 years experience.  A judge, speaker, demonstrator and award winner in the world of Permanent Make-up & Medical Tattooing

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