Student Reviews

Helen Robinson

Helen traveled from the north east of England to attend one of my Areola training courses.  Helen opted to do the full training even though she had already learnt and held a certificate in Areola. 

I trained in areola 9 years ago with a reputable training academy back then there wasn’t much skill involved and there wasn’t the realism.  I followed Kally Moorhouse for some time and really admired her work as it looks so realistic.  


I trained with Kally a year ago and can honestly say it was one of the best training courses I have attended she is such a warm and friendly lady with a very calm and relaxing manner.  I think this is a very important part of training to feel relaxed and at ease with your trainer.  The course was very in-depth covering everything from colour choice best needles and machines as well as the art to create a 3D realistic areola.  I like Kally’s style as she works with the client and listens to them she doesn’t produce replicated standard nipples and clone everyone with the same thing.  She has compassion and really cares about her clients.  


I have done many training courses over the years and I found this one fantastic.  There is a lot of hands on training on real clients as well as mats so you leave feeling confident.  There is also back up support after training which I feel is equally as important if not more so.  Kally is a fantastic mentor and always willing to help.  


Helen Robinson PMU


Loraine Thompson 

Loraine flew down from Scotland to attend one of my early Areola Training Couses!  She has done some amazing work.  Her instagram is

Georgette Dunn

Georgette is also another already trained artist who decided to fly over from Canada to take my 3D Areola training!  How amazing, so honored to have students coming from around the world.