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[ Masterclasses & Mentoring ]

  • One to One Mentoring

  • Master your Skills!

  • Focus and Learn

  • Practical & Hands on Learning


To take our Masterclass course you will need to have 'already' learnt that particular area/skill.

For example, a machine Hairstroke Masterclass requires the learner to already hold a certifiate in Machine Eyebrows.

The Masterclass and mentoring classes are designed and delivered in the same in-depth teaching format as our accredited courses.  These courses are certified with our in-house certificates.

If you would like to learn a new skill and require an accredited course, such as our conversion/up-skill courses please follow this link:

Conversion Courses

Additional Units

Are you wanting to expand your knowledge and learn some hidden gems and tips and tricks from an industry expert?

Do you love to learn different styles and different opinions in this vast industry of PMU?

Do you learn from networking, watching and listening to like minded people?

Are you struggling with a particular area... is something simply not clicking into place?

Masterclasses are designed for the individual and totally bespoke to your learning needs.  We tailor make a day to suit you, work on areas of concern and really work with you to achieve!


Schedule of learning:


The course is designed for your needs...


Eyebrows - Hairstrokes or Powder

Lips - Lip Blush - Full Lips


The in-house training is a 1 day course where you will learn your chosen area.


Each day will have an element of theory, with an online learning platform for your written sections.

The course will start at 10am and finish around 5:30

Lunch & Refreshments will be provided

You will watch live demonstrations and also have the opportunity to work on live models*.