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Areola Training

Suitable for Machine trained artists

3D Areola Nipple Tattooing

2 Day Course

£1950 without Kit
£2250 with Kit

I have created this 2 day intensive Areola Artistry course for already trained machine permanent make-up artists.  The pre-requisite for this course is to have worked with a machine (permanent make-up device or tattoo pen) and have experience with at least 1 year hands on work and portfolio. 

In this course you will cover Anatomy, Breast Surgeries, Scars, Machines, Needles, Speeds, Templating and Design.  We also cover aftercare, client management and touch on marketing.

Each student will have the opportunity to work on a live model*, and watch a live demonstration.  Each student will also be able to work on either a DMOULD Breast or Reel Skin depending on if the Kit has been purchased.

The 2 days are consecutive and run from 9:30am until 5:30pm. (until the work is completed)

The course does not include any equipment this will need to be purchased separately either before the course or once you have completed.  I have a number of machines you can try before you make a purchase.  Needles and consumables will all be supplied.

Please note this training covers the use of Permanent Pigments and we do not use semi-permanent pigments.

For more info on Areola Tattooing, the treatment and also the training please click here

Blade to Pen

Microblade to Machine

Conversion course Blade to Pen


If you have been certified in Microblading or Eyebrow Embroidery and would like to convert your skills to be able to use a traditional Permanent Make-up Machine or Tattoo machine then this 2 day course is perfect.

Over two days, you will learn 'Everything' you need to know about Machines, Power Supplies, Needles, Parameters and tattoo techniques.

This course has been created to educate technicians in the correct, safe manner of machine use, as this is a conversion course you will be required to produce a portfolio of work before you are accepted. 


A fully certified course for a skilled artist, to be able to expand their skill set and further their career with machine techniques.

In this course you will select ONE area to focus on, for example, Powder Brows, Latino Eyeliner or even Lips.  The relevant machines, needles and techniques will be covered meaning you can walk away after the two days being able to offer another style in your treatment menu.

The TWO days can be taken together, or on seperate weeks. For example two consecutive Mondays

Brows | Eyes
Lips | Areola

Masterclass Mentoring

Masterclass 1 Day

prices from £600-£1000

 Masterclasses are a perfect opportunity to spend time with a highly skilled Permanent Make-up artist, who will watch how you work and enhance your skills and techniques to get you better amazing results. 

Masterclasses can be on a one to one basis or small groups of 2 or 3 (the same skill needs to be worked on for each student when in small groups)


Our most popular Masterclasses are:

Micro Hairstrokes using a Single Needles [ Machine Artists ]

Lip Tattooing [ Machine Artists ]

Eyeliner [ Machine Artists ]

Powder Brows [ Machine Artists ]

Areola Masterclasses are available, however students are pre-vetted as many will benefit from the 2 day training.  Kally will advise you which course is suitable for you. 

With ALL Masterclasses we also cover Pigments, Needles, Pattern, Pre-Draw and Equipment

Prices for Masterclasses may vary due to numbers in the class, for example if you would like a one to one or if you are part of a group.  


Start your career in Permanent Make-up

Level 4 Training in either all areas of Permanent Make-up Brows | Eyes | Lips


Individual units

Beginners Machine Eyebrow Techniques

Entry into Permanent Make-up using 'Machine'

Hairstrokes and Shading


This course has been created for the ultimate beginner... what does this mean...

No matter your previous job role if you have the skill and determination to succeed you can master this skill world of Semi Permanent Make-up and Cosmetic Tattooing.

In this course we will cover:

Health & Safety, Risk Assessment, Anatomy, Tattooing History, Pigments, Needles, Pre-Draw, Technique, Aftercare

This course requires Home Study, Essays as well as Case Studies and an Assessment session.  

This course will run for two days per week for 3 weeks, this means in total you will have classroom and practical training with award winning artists for 42 hours!  We will also require pre-study and homework during the course to ensure you are fully up to the high standards of our training.

Our training courses for beginners are NOT a quick training course on purpose, these are courses crammed full of information from years worth of industry knowledge.  We pride ourselves on sending out amazing artists into the industry!

Day 1 & 2 - Theory and Practice

Day 3 & 4 - Model Days and Practice

Classes will be a maximum of 4 students. 

As complete beginners we advise all students to begin with our signature Powder Eyebrow and Basic Hairstroke Eyebrow, this is an amazing technique and once mastered can be a benefit before going onto other units such as Lips or Eyeliner.

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